Vinyl Flooring in West Florida Panhandle, FL

Beautiful vinyl flooring is a great, versatile solution for any property.

Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring in West Florida Panhandle, FL

Luxury vinyl plank is a type of vinyl laminate flooring that is a solid option when compared to real hardwood, stone, tile, and marble. Plank vinyl uses 3D printing advancements like vinyl laminate flooring to fabricate a top part that mimics high-quality materials and costs less. Floor Coverings International® carries a broad selection of luxury vinyl laminate flooring in West Florida Panhandle, FL manufactured by top names. Water damage resistance, durability, and several other benefits make plank vinyl favored choice among homeowners in today's market.

Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Option for My Home in West Florida Panhandle, FL?

Vinyl flooring has had various innovations over time. Plank vinyl and laminate flooring are more better looking, durable, and comfortable than the sheet vinyl type in residential spaces since the 70s. Plank vinyl and laminate use 3D photographic technology to imitate the appearance of any flooring material, such as stone, tile, and hardwood, so the final product is strikingly similar to its counterparts. The photographic layer is phenomenal and practically identical to the real material. You can take account of colors, grain patterns, and textures to match the rest of your space.

But endless styles aren't the only advantage of vinyl flooring – especially luxury vinyl planks. Plank vinyl floors are made of several layers of fabricated material that enhance its value:

  • Quieter
  • More comfortable to stand and walk on
  • The top layer of luxury vinyl plank flooring is coated for scratch and stain resistance
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring is water resistant
  • Both vinyl laminate flooring and plank vinyl cost many times less than hardwood or stone

Since luxury vinyl plank flooring is more water resistant than laminate, it’s appropriate for use anywhere in your home, this includes laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms. Plank vinyl also contracts better under heavy foot traffic, making it more resistant to wear and tear while minimizing noise – something to think about if you’re installing a new floor into a bedroom or nursery!

The Value of Vinyl Floors

  • With our extensive stock of vinyl floors, you can choose from a variety of styles and price points.
  • For a hard surface floor, vinyl has more cushion to stand and walk on.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain and it’s very sturdy.
  • Great for any room.

Our Vinyl Inspiration Gallery

It’s easy to get some inspiration for your flooring with our easy-to-search gallery. This type of information can help you pinpoint some ideas and gather details so you can make a great design selection.

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Order Vinyl Flooring With a Stress-Free Experience

The versatility and range of luxury vinyl options are just a few reasons it is a leading choice for homeowners.

Because there is such diverse variety of patterns and colors of luxury vinyl plank flooring, your choices are nearly unlimited. Yet another benefit of using vinyl flooring is that you're not limited to one choice. For example, you can mix composite and solid vinyl to create a unique design that fits right in with your style exactly. This option makes it particularly suitable for commercial and business spaces in West Florida Panhandle, FL because you can incorporate brand styling.

Plank vinyl floors are one of the most economical alternatives available, and when compared to wood, stone, or ceramic flooring, vinyl's cost savings are clear. Maintenance is simple because it only takes some usual sweeping and the right cleaner to make your vinyl flooring look like new.

We Bring the Showroom to You

Over the years, there have been many improvements in plank vinyl flooring. Modern manufacturing process makes this option look almost indistinguishable from other materials, five to ten times more costly. Floor Coverings International® is also a state-of-the-art flooring company that makes purchasing plank vinyl simple.

Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® for West Florida Panhandle, FL is distinctive from the rest in the flooring industry. Our Design Associates will bring the showroom to your home on your schedule. Viewing any flooring material in a store is inefficient in making the right decision. It's more difficult to envision how flooring materials will appear in your home's floor plan, design, and general ambiance when looking at it in another location. The Mobile Flooring Showroom® is the solution to this problem. We will bring various types to you so you can make a wise decision and completely satisfy your purchase.

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